Acupuncture and IVF support

For many  couples the motivation to have the support of acupuncture during their assisted conception is the growing evidence that  acupuncture may offer a greater chance of success; a study published in the British Medical Journal in February 2008 concluded that when combined with IVF, ' acupuncture increased the odds of clinical pregnancy by 65%" . For others making acupuncture part of the process gives space to feel relaxed and well and ‘time out’ for themselves.

Acupuncture for IVF support is available at  the Macclesfield and Chester clinics; for patients of the Hewitt Fertility  Centre, Knutsford treatment can be made part of your plan there.

The Hewitt Fertility Centre, Knutsford

The Hewitt Fertility Centre at Knutsford is a satellite clinic run by Liverpool Women’s Hospital; the Hewitt is one of the foremost IVF units, achieving some of the best pregnancy rates in Europe. Its dedicated acupuncture service offers men and women having  investigations or treatment at the Centre acupuncture programmes to support their IVF treatment, from acupuncturists who have specialist expertise in acupuncture for natural and assisted fertility. Mark Guggiari manages the acupuncture service at Knutsford.

Appointments are available Monday to Saturday . Ring Mark on 07887 551963.

Please note this service is for patients of the Hewitt Fertilty Centre only.

Treatments available at the Hewitt

Initial consultation (1 hr)

Follow up sessions (45 mins)

Pre and Post transfer treatments on the day of transfer


Female Fertility Programme -  Preparing for IVF– 10 sessions

IVF assist - 5 sessions during IVF (includes pre and post transfer sessions)

Male Fertility Programme - 10 sessions to help improve male fertility